Shopping for Haori

I have traveled to Japan four times. In 2009, I purchased some used Haori for my own use. My friends were interested in them and persuaded me to part with a few. Knowing that I was headed back to Japan in the spring of 2010, I was encouraged to bring more Haori back.

All of the Haori I have brought back are preowned. Some may have never been worn. All are silk and in excellent condition.

Remember, Japanese women are not large. Even though they say that one size fits all, we know that's not true.

On each jacket, I will indicate the hip and bust measurement around. If your hips are 48", for example, you can wear a 46" because it is meant to hang open at the hips. I will also describe the wrist length, the length from nape of the neck to bottom, and the full arm width.

The jackets are meant to hang open so you can add breathing room in the hip/bust measurement.